With the Best Intentions

I woke up this morning motivated to get outside and go for a wonderful spring run. I looked forward to the crisp spring air and sunshine on my face while listening to the birds sing their morning songs...Then I looked out the window and saw this! A fresh blanket of snow was on the ground which very quickly deflated my highly motivated intentions! As I pulled up the blinds and spotted this landscape, although beautiful to look at, in my head I heard the loud screeching noise that is made when a needle is  aggressively moved and scratched off the morning motivation record playing in my head.


I tried to stick with it though. I made my way to the running trail but just couldn't do it. It looks like I need to work on my commitment to running, but snow on the ground on April 20th was just too much for me today.


Today the snow won I guess, but tomorrow's a new day and I am ready for a sunny, spring run!