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Quilting Gallery Blog Hop Party!



If you are new here for the Quilting Gallery Blog Hop Party thank you for stopping by! We are busy sewing and enjoying the first hints of spring. Spring is such a great time of year...the days are longer and things start to bud and come alive around us. But, spring can be a drag when it comes to those pesky allergies, right?

Along with sewing in the studio we are also gearing up for a trunk show at the end of March. We will be heading to Hannah Johnson Fabrics in Duluth, MN on March 28th. Stop by and say hello if you are nearby....It will be a fun night!

We are giving away 2 copies of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol.4, which includes Harding Hill Designs B Squared block, for this fun blog hop party! 



To be entered in the giveaway simply leave us a comment here on the blog. You can tell us anything in the comments! You can also hop over and like our facebook page for an additional entry. The giveaway will be open until March 23rd. Good luck and thanks again for dropping by!


It was so awesome reading the comments left for the Blog Hop Party! I hope everyone found some cool new blogs to keep tabs on and found some cool new quilting treasures along the way! It's always fun to find out how people started quilting. A lot of times there seems to be someone in the background who is your cheerleader telling you to dive in and give it a try, yet so many others jumped in head first and were determined to not be intimidated by a pattern and haven't looked back since. So cool to hear all the stories and read the wonderful comments.

Stay tuned for the new patterns we are working on! Lots of different things coming up. A few strip patterns, some patterns specifically for solids and some table runners! If there is a Harding Hill Designs pattern you are interested in, mention it to your local quilt shop or you can check out our store here

Now for the winners!

I used to draw the numbers for me and the first one for the patterns was #27- Pam. The other 3 numbers for a copy of Quiltmakers latest 100 blocks issue were #84- Darci, #149- Jennifer and #116- Robbie. 

Have a great day!

Welcome to the Blog Hop Party!

Welcome to everyone who is stopping by as part of the Quilting Gallery Blog Hop Party!
I'm glad you stopped by!! 



There are a lot of fun blog's on this hop with lots of great give-aways from all over the world! How cool is that, right??

We are currently working on a bunch of new patterns so things are busy! For those of you who are new here and haven't checked out our patterns yet, they are designed for you to create fun and vibrant projects that can often be completed quickly. You can take a peak here.

Part of the blog hop fun are the giveaways!  We are giving away 2 of our patterns. (The lucky winner can choose the 2 they would like.)

General 2 page brochure2
We also have 3 copies of the most recent Quiltmaker 100 Blocks isssue, which includes our B Squared block to give away! Although, some of you may already have gotten this issue at your local quilt shop or through your subscription, it would be a great gift for someone! A fun way to get your friend, co-worker, or neighbor hooked on quilting!


Simply leave us a comment to be entered in the giveaway. On a previous post I mentioned you could tell me anything in the comments to be entered for the giveaway and I received some of the most wonderful comments! So, for this post I am going to do the same. You can tell me anything in the comments but if you aren't sure what to share, we always love hearing about how you began quilting. Or you could let us know your favorite color combos, or favorite cocktail recipes, or a hobby you love in addition to quilting.  You can also like our facebook page or follow us on twitter for an extra chance or two! I will draw the 4 winners and email them on December 18th. Thanks again for dropping by!

Happy Day & Happy Creating!  


A Holiday Tutorial

It was so much fun reading all of your comments for my last post!  I appreciated all of them! A few questions were asked about the layouts and if I used EQ6. I usually use Illustrator instead of EQ6 to create layouts for blocks or quilts. Im sure there are some bells & whistles that EQ6 has that are limited in Illustrator but I havent made the leap to EQ6 quite yet. Learning to use EQ6 is on my list of things to-do...I just need a few more hours in the day! But, don't we all need a few more hours in the day, right? Also, it was great to see all the fun comments about mayo or miracle whip! I had never heard of Dukes Mayo before reading the comments but now I am eager to try it. I checked out the Dukes website and it looks like it is only available it Virginia. Hopefully someday I'll try it!  

At the end of the post I mentioned a holiday tutorial I was working on. These holiday mug rugs are a fun project that can be done pretty quickly. There are 8 different applique shapes in the complete set. They would make a wonderful gift for someone as a whole set of 8 or you could make a few for a teacher, neighbor, or co-worker.

Holiday mug rug finished

Fabric:  (Fabric requirements are based on 42" wide fabric)

10- 2.5" strips (8 for binding & 2 for the strip panel)

2- 1.5" strips

1- 1" strip

8- 7" x 7" neutral squares (applique background)

8- 7" x 7" printed squares (applique shapes)

8- 9" x 13" pieces for backing

8- 9" x 13" pieces of batting

1. Strip Panel
With right sides together begin by sewing a strip panel using 2- 2.5" strips, and the 1.5" and 1" strips. Press towards the darker fabrics. The finished panel should be 7" wide. 
Sub-cut into 4.5" x 7" units.  

  Holiday Mug rug illustration

Holiday mug rug strip panelIMG_5650

2. Raw-Edge Applique
I didn't use fusible web for the applique shapes in this project. Instead, I used a glue stick. The glue stick method may not be the most popular method but because these mug rugs are used differently than a quilt and the shapes are on the larger side I thought I would be ok without the fusible. It seemed to work out pretty well. After I traced the shapes onto the wrong side of the 7" patterned squares and cut them out, I placed the shapes onto the 7" background squares with a small amount of glue from the glue stick to keep them in place before sewing. If you do use the glue stick method just be careful to keep the glue away from the edges where your needle will go when sewing to avoid getting glue on the needle and in your bobbin. Finish the raw edge with your favorite stitch. I used a wider zig zag. 

3. Assembly
After finishing the applique squares sew them to the 4.5" x 7" strip panel units.

Holiday mug rug assembly


4. Quilting & Finishing
Layer and baste the backing, batting, and top. Stitching in the ditch looks great on this project or try some new free motion quilting designs that you haven't done before. Small projects like this are a great way to practice and to try free motion stitching! Use one of the 2.5" strips to bind and finish the mug rug. Finished size 7" x 11".

Enjoy & Happy Creating!

Holiday mug rug finished


Holiday Mug rug layouts

Download Holiday Mug Rug Applique Shapes (PDF)









Quiltmaker's Blog Tour- 100 Blocks Vol. 4 & a Giveaway


I am so excited to be part of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks issue! These issues are always filled with so much creativity and inspiration....I want to make everything I see!

I went through a few different variations of my block before the finished product which is below. I played with the blocks layout, along with some different fabric choices. 

100 Blocks Vol 4

B Squared


Here is the first draft of the block. I started with all solid fabrics, which I love to use! Some of the new patterns that I am working on are geared specifically for solids....and I love how they are turning out! 

100 Block Draft Block 1

But, I wanted a little more oomph (that's a word, right?!) so I changed the center of the block to give that extra bit I thought it needed.

I love how this block can go so many different directions with the layout. Sashing and borders can change things so much! I put together some different layout options for the block for you to see the many ways this block could go. 

The first layouts are without sashing but some of them have an added border-

100 Blocks Layout 1


100 Blocks Layout 2

100 Blocks Layout 4

100 Blocks Layout 7

100 Blocks Layout 8

100 Blocks Layout 10


Or, by adding sashing either vertically, horizontally, or both....

100 Blocks Layout 3

100 Blocks Layout 5

100 Blocks Layout 6

100 Blocks Layout 9

100 Blocks Layout 11

Quiltmaker is giving away lots of great stuff during this blog tour. Make sure you stop by Quilty Pleasures to get in on all the fun & giveaways! If you would like to throw your name in the hat to win a copy of 100 Blocks Volume 4 leave me a comment. You can tell me anything in the comments...Do you have a favorite layout? Do you like to use sashing in your quilts? Do you like long walks on the beach? What's your favorite season? Mayo or miracle whip? I love to hear from you!! I will draw the winner and email them on Monday, November 14th. But, if you are not the lucky winner you can always pick up a copy when it hits quilt shops November 15th.

If you are new here thanks so much for stopping by! We are working on lots of new patterns and a fun holiday project with a tutorial that will be posted on the blog soon. You can like our facebook page to be the first to know!

Have a Great Day & Happy Creating!






Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 4

I'm sure you're just like me & look forward to Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks issues! It's so fun to see all the amazing creativity! We are also excited because our block is not only in the new issue but it is also one of the blocks featured on the cover! 



We will have some more details for you about our block along with some fun things planned for Quiltmaker's blog tour which starts November 7th. So mark your calendars! 


Quilting Gallery Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along



I'm so happy to be part of Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along!  We've seen some great blocks so far, along with some great deals! Make sure you stop by and check it all out!  

I love the holidays and all the fun that comes with them. I have so many great memories of hanging out with my Mom in our p.j.'s, cooking up a storm. We usually had the Yule Log playing in the background on television while we cooked, chatted over some egg nog, and wrapped gifts. Some of you may know about the Yule Log and some of you may not. It is basically a looped tape of a fire burning in a fireplace with holiday music playing in the background. If you haven't seen it, it may sound kind of odd...watching on television a fire burn in a fireplace but we loved having it on. We would have the Yule Log playing on the television and a real fire burning in the fireplace a few feet away. It certainly became a great Christmas tradition! Check your local listings for a Yule Log program in your area on Christmas eve, some are even now in 3-D (wow)...or it looks like you can also buy a Yule Log dvd if it's not airing in your neck of the woods. 

Yule Log

My block for our fun quilt-along is called Holiday Gifts. It has a great scrappy quality to it along with some punch from the contrasting fabrics.


Finished block


For Holiday Gifts you will need

4 assorted Prints: From each print cut a 3" x 5-1/2" unit & a 3" x 3" square

Black Print: Cut 4, 3" x 3" squares and 1, 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" square

Red Sashing: Cut 4, 2-1/2" x 5-1/2" units


Fabric Req's IMG_5093


1. Begin by sewing a black 3" x 3" square to a 3" x 3" print square.

2. Next, sew the matching 3" x 5-1/2" unit as shown below. Repeat steps 1 & 2 with all the prints to complete the 4 corner units.

Step 2 photoIMG_5101

3. Layout your corner units as shown below, rotating them as needed. Then sew a red sashing strip between the top row and bottom row units. Next, sew the black 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" square between the remaining 2 sashing strips. Press all the seams towards the red sashing strips. 

Block layoutIMG_5103

4. Sew the blocks rows together. Press seams open. Your block should measure 12-1/2".

Here are a couple of layout variations. I think they all look great, but the on-point layout is my personal favorite. Which layout do you like best?


Thanks for stopping by and letting me tell you a little bit about some of my holiday memories! I would love to hear about your favorite holiday memories! I would also love to know if they also involve the Yule Log! Make sure you upload your block to the quilt-along flickr group!

Cheers & Happy Holidays!


Download Holiday Gifts PDF




More New Releases & A New Giveaway

I want to show you some more of our new 2-1/2" strip patterns that we just released & are shipping as we speak.


Block hop final cover

Block Hop is a great, vibrant 2-1/2" strip pattern that works really well with your small to medium scale fabrics. This pattern includes Crib, lap, and twin size options.


Square step

Square Step is a quick and easy 2-1/2" strip pattern. This quilt can take on so many different looks. One of the many ideas is to use black as your contrasting solid fabric...that would be a great option for this pattern. Included are 5 size options, crib to king. 


The twist cover final

The Twist is such a festive pattern! This pattern works great with small scale prints and lots of color variety. This quilt comes together with strip piecing, which brings everything together in a snap! The pattern includes crib, lap, and twin size options.


Shuffle block cover final

Shuffle Block is the last pattern we are featuring. This is another pattern that works great with small scale prints and lots of different color variety. The funky pattern includes 3 size options- crib, lap, and full.


To celebrate these new releases we are giving away a copy of all the patterns featured today to someone! Just enter your email address and tell us in the comments which one of these featured patterns you would like to make first. You can also also hop on over and like us on facebook or follow us on twitter for an extra entry or two. You can also check out our Etsy shop here. We will pick the winner and announce it here on Saturday, September 24th. 


Happy Creating!


Our First Giveaway

As I mentioned at the end of the last post there are a lot of fun and exciting things going on here at Harding Hill Designs. The most exciting... is the release of our new 2-1/2" strip pattern series. We have 8 new designs which we started to ship this week! To celebrate the new releases we think a giveaway is in order!  

Cupid Shuffle FINAL COVER 

Cupid Shuffle is a great pattern to use some of your larger scale prints! The pattern includes crib, lap, and full size options.


Sunhsine shimmy final cover

Sunshine Shimmy is next up....The fabric in the cover quilt from Robert Kaufman is so cheery & fun! Sunshine Shimmy has 3 size options included- Lap, twin, and queen. 


Can can cover final

Can Can is a wonderful pattern for solids or prints! This pattern works great for those scrap strips looking for a home, plus there are 5 sizes- crib to king.



FINAL cover draft yellow

Cha Cha Cha is the last pattern we'll feature today. All you need are some contrasting 2-1/2" strips and you are set to go for this quilt. We used the Bali Pop Pink Lemonade set for our dark strips. The big blocks in this quilt make it come together in a snap!


To celebrate these new releases someone will win a copy of all the patterns featured today!  Just enter your email address and leave us a comment...let us know which of the patterns featured you would like to make first. If you've entered here on our blog you can also hop over and like our facebook page or join us on twitter for an extra entry or two. There may even be a few surprise announcements on our Facebook page in the near future! We will choose and announce the winner for this giveaway on Monday, September 12th.  

Next week we will be featuring some more of our designs. There may just be a few celebratory giveaways then also...stay tuned! You can also check out our Etsy shop here.

Happy Creating!