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Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 12


I'm happy to again be included in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks issue! I hope you enjoy the blog tour and all the creativity, fun, and giveaways that go along with it! You can check-in each day here


Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 12


My block, which is below, is made with the newest collection from BasicGrey for Moda called Mon Ami, along with some grunge. It's a fun, charming collection. 




When I was at Quilt Market in May I met Allison Black from BasicGrey. She stopped by my booth after noticing my love of BasicGrey. I had my newest book, One Block Remix at market and three of the quilts in the book and in my booth were made with different BasicGrey collections! I'm always drawn to the beautiful artwork and fresh colors of their fabric. 


Harding Hill Designs Diamond Drive - One Block Remix
Diamond Drive from One Block Remix made with Persimmon from BasicGrey


Harding Hill Designs On The Horizon - One Block Remix
On The Horizon from One Block Remix made with PB & J from BasicGrey


Harding Hill Designs Zigged Paths  - One Block Remix
Zigged Paths from One Block Remix made with Fresh Cut from BasicGrey

Our book, One Block Remix, has 10 different quilt patterns all using one block. It was fun to play with one block to see what new shapes and designs are created by moving and shifting the block, along with using different fabrics. I've also done that with previous blocks in Quitmaker's 100 Blocks for the blog tour which you can read about here, here, and here. I can spend hours moving things, or changing colors. Many times the results can be surprising! I've done the same for my latest block. The first layout is a straight forward layout. The block creates a secondary pattern that carries though the quilt.


Harding Hill Designs 100 Blocks Vol 12 Layout 1


Add some vertical sashing and it's a whole new pattern.


Harding Hill Designs 100 Blocks Vol 12 Layout 2


Now, flip some of the blocks for a new pattern.


Harding Hill Designs 100 Blocks Vol 12 Layout 3


Or, turn the blocks on point


Harding Hill Designs 100 Blocks Vol 12 Layout 4


I turned the blocks on point and changed the colors to a monochromatic color scheme.


Harding Hill Designs 100 Blocks Vol 12 Layout 5


Below the blocks are again on-point but I swapped out the setting triangles and corners with white.


Harding Hill Designs 100 Blocks Vol 12 Layout 6


Lots of possibilities with just one block! 


Harding Hill Designs 100 Blocks Vol 12 Layout 7

Harding Hill Designs 100 Blocks Vol 12 Layout 8

Harding Hill Designs 100 Blocks Vol 12 Layout 9

Harding Hill Designs 100 Blocks Vol 12 Layout 10


Or, as a table topper or small play mat


Harding Hill Designs 100 Blocks Vol 12 Layout 11

Harding Hill Designs 100 Blocks Vol 12 Layout 12


Or, a few blocks can make a great table runner.


Harding Hill Designs 100 Blocks Vol 12 Layout 13

Harding Hill Designs 100 Blocks Vol 12 Layout 14


Thanks again for stopping by and checking out our block! Leave a comment below for a chance to win one of two copies of the new issue. And, head over to Facebook and like our Harding Hill Designs page, or leave a comment there if you've already "liked" us for another chance to win. You can tell us anything in the comments. We love to hear from you! In the past we've talked about mayonnaise, moms, and of course quilting in the comments. It's always fun to read the comments!  

Cheers and Happy Quilting!

Edit, 11/20/15: I just realized I forgot to add information about the end of the drawing. Comments left before Sunday, November 22, 2:00 PM CST will be eligible. :-) Thanks!

Edit, 11/22/15: I've emailed the winners for their contact information. The winners are Dana G. and Lori S. :-)




Laura McFall

Great Layout options - what a diverse block!


Hmmm...this would be a really fun block to play around with....


Very interesting block with so many variations. Thanks for showing it so many creative ways.


Love your block - so versatile. Thanks.


What a fun block!! Thanks for the chance to win.


10 patterns with one block - that is awesome! thank you!


So many options it could be called the never ending block. Love it!

Kathy h

This is a great block, I really like how different the quilt looks with the different settings.

Billie Kretzschmar

Love the hop.

Nichole A.

Such a great variety of uses for the block!


Interesting block and very versatile! Thanks for a chance to win.


Wow, the possibilities are mind-boggling!

Doris Quilting Queen

Wow, I love all the possibilities with this block! Thanks for sharing!

Doris Quilting Queen

I "liked" your FB page.


Thanks for showing the different quilt layouts!


fun block...amazing variety of layouts...thank you ...marta

Sarah J.

So many options! I love how simple changes make such an impact!


Wow! Lots of possibilities.

Melody Lutz

So many options and what a diverse block to start with!

Kathy E.

I am really interested in beginning this project...all I need is the issue copy! Last month, I finished making all 100 blocks from Tula Pink's 100 Modern Quilt Blocks. I enjoyed it so much and I know I'll enjoy this one too. Mom. Mayonnaise and quilting. Why, of course, they all go together!


I went to like you on Facebook and had already like you.


When left to comment about anything, it's difficult for us to find something unique and be interesting. Of course, we can all just go on and on about the block. I thought the block looked like "Y" and then was totally amazed as I saw it evolve with other blocks. I particularly loved the monochromatic quilts. Thanks for sharing a plethora of ideas with us.

I was trying to find where you are located and couldn't so I'll take a chance that you are not in NM. My daughter sent me a picture of the parking lot of the high school where she teaches in Albuquerque. It was covered in snow today. Here in Oklhoma we were in the high 50's today. Usually, it would be the other way around.

Also, may God richly bless and protect our country as there is terror in the world today.

Blessings to you, too.

Liz Engman

So simple to look at, so many variations possible--very cool.

Cathryn H

Wow! This block really has a lot of possibles! Thanks for sharing your talent.

kathy pfaltzgraff

Thanks for all the sharing you have on your blog! And what a great way to highlight your new block with the color changes. Kathy in Colo

Brenda E.

I love Moda fabrics too. I would use Snowman Gatherings II! That is the current pattern I am using for a quilt.

Jamie Todhunter

Thank you for a chance to win. Your block looks like it would be fun to play with.

Donna M

I am stunned at the versatility of this block.

Pamela Reim

appreciate showing us the variety of possibilities of your block.

Lisa E

What a versatile block. You really gave us a lot to work with by showing all the variations.

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