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Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 11


Thank you for stopping by during the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 11 blog tour!

Below is our block Hopscotch for Volume 11. What do you think?

Harding Hill Designs 100 Blocks Vol 11 Block

Its a fun block that would work with lots of different fabrics and great for scraps!

Here is a scrappy layout

Harding Hill Designs Scrappy Block Layout 100 Blocks Vol 11

And a more controlled, "unscrappy" (Is "unscrappy" a word?) :-) layout

Harding Hill Designs 100 Blocks Vol 11 Block Layout
I have 2 copies of Vol. 11 to give away. Just leave a comment below before 5:00 pm CST on Saturday, May 9th and you'll be entered! You can tell us anything....Or in honor of my Mom because it's her birthday today, let us know something about your Mom. 

We've got a new book coming out at Quilt Market which will be very, very soon. I can't spill any of the details yet, but I would love to! So, in the meantime join in on the fun at our Facebook page here and our Instagram page here. You can check out or Craftsy shop here, too. 

Hope you enjoy our block and all the other great blocks in Vol. 11! 





How about my Grandmothers. One never had a bad hair day and one never had a good hair day. One made First Place quilts at all the shows and one made first place quilts in everyone's hearts. Now you guess which one taught me to quilt. Love the block.


Great block! The love for creative things I have from my Mom. And her speciality was her garden. Its like patchwork to me! Lol!


Nice block; I like the scrappy version. My mother taught me to knit when I was five, embroider when I was seven, and make my own clothes when I was eleven. Unfortunately she didn't like patchwork.


My mom will have her 85th birthday on Thursday!


Great block. My mom was a farm girl who had never been far from home, but she married an Army man & traveled around the world supporting him & raising 4 quilting daughters. Thanks.

Allison Evrard

My mom was an exceptional seamstress. She taught me to sew but I will never be on her level.

Dana Gaffney

Happy Birthday to your Mom! My mom never learned to sew even though her mother was a professional seamstress. She insisted that my sister and I learn, but she never did.


My Mom didn't quilt.

Monique Belmer

My mom makes thee best creme puffs I've ever eaten and when she is making them for a special occasion she makes them look like swans. :-) That seemed like magic when I was little. Thanks for the chance!

Debbie Rhodes

My mom is my quilting partner. Love your block. Thanks for the chance to win n

Susan Green

I learned to sew from my mom. She made almost all of her clothes and ours. Thanks for the chance to win.

Janet P.

Happy birthday! My mom is 85 and still cooks dinner on Sundays for the extended family. It keeps her current with all the goings-on in the various families!

Kaye M.

My mom was a hard worker and a wonderful seamstress. She taught me how to sew when I was a child. I got into quilting later after our first child was born.


I have a great mom who worked very hard to give my brother and I a wonderful life.

Lois sparks

Beautiful blocks Love all the colour


I got my love of sewing from my mother. She made our clothes when we were small, and had planned to learn to quilt once she retired and bought the supplies. She later decided she'd rather knit and crochet, so lucky me ended up with the quilting items and now I eat, sleep and breathe quilts.

Pamela Wright

I love the Hopscotch block. My mom and my grandma both are my sewing teachers from a very young age and influenced my love of sewing. Next, my husband's stepmother inspired me to take up quiltling. God bless mothers!


Happy birthday to your mom!! My mother was my best friend and inspiration for the love of working with fabric, cooking and gardening, but most of all, a love of life.

Lee Ann L.

My Mom passed away several years ago. She was a fabulous seamstress and made me the cutest dresses when I was a tyke.

Janet T

Happy Mother's day to all the Mothers out there!

Deborah DeBerry

My mother died before I began my quilting journey. Now with each project that I work on I want very much to call her up and tell her about it, then show her. I miss my MOM!

Sandra Timmons

Just love your block and the scrappy layout is just perfect for me. My Mom is very old fashioned and she has come a long way to adapting to the new century. I am so very proud of her and I love her so much. Thank you for being a part of the QM's 100 Blocks, Volume 11 blog tour and the chance to win a copy of this priceless creative magazine.

Sandi Timmons


Cute block and thanks for the chance to win. Happy birthday mom.

Marcia Hoekstra

I thank my mom for being a sewer, quilter and needleworker, because now, so am I. I get much satisfaction with being being able to create with my skills. Thanks, Mom.

Vicki in MN

Great block! My mom's BD is May 6th, she would have been 98 if she was still with us! She taught me to sew, knit and crochet when I was 7 yrs old. To this day I thank her for that as I enjoy those things immensely!


Congratulations on your very cool block! I can see some really interesting designs especially using it scrappy style. Look forward to your new book! Hugs, Karen

Debby E

My mom was never a sewer - I got my love of sewing from my dad and his mom! I was only 12 when she passed, but I can remember her taking our measurements with newspapers and whipping up a pattern and dress in no time!!! She never quilted though.
Thanks for the chance to win :)
Debby E
samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com


What a fun block! I like both versions but the scrappy one is so bright and happy. My mom had the best sense of adventure. It was not unusual for her to decide on the spur of the moment to take a road trip. I remember one time she decided on a Sunday to go to MN because she had a weeks vacation and didn't want to spend it just doing house stuff. When we got to St Paul she asked if we wanted to go straight, right or left. We said left and ended up seeing Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse and other sights. Miss her.


My mom's is my partner, my best friend and means the world to me, every single day is an adventure, because we live alone, so all days are always interesting with her, lol. Happy Birthday to your mom!

Bonnie Fish

I can see many possibilities for this block. I'd like to try it out on-point.

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