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Welcome to day 2 of Quiltmakers 100 Blocks blog tour! Hope you are enjoying the tour so far.


100 Blocks Vol 9

My block in Vol. 9 is called Positive Outlook. It is a block using only solids but, would also look great with all types of fabric!


Harding Hill Designs "Positive Outlook" Block
Positive Outlook

I spend hours playing with layouts and color placements in my designs. Once I lay out the quilt in illustrator I love playing with the different elements....layout, color placement, all those fun things. Below are some different looks for this block with a straight setting and different colors.


Harding Hill Designs 100 blocks vol 9 straight set layout
"Positive Outlook" Straight Setting


Harding Hill Designs 100 blocks straight set orange blue
"Positive Outlook" Straight Setting


Harding Hill Designs 100 blocks vol 9 pink blue light
"Positive Outlook" Straight Setting


Using Positive Outlook with red and green fabrics would look great for a Christmas quilt!


Harding HIll Designs 100 blocks vol 9 straight set green red
"Positive Outlook" Straight Setting

Or, the block set on-point.


Harding HIll Designs 100 Blocks Vol 9 On Point
"Positive Outlook" On-Point Setting

I Hope you have fun with this block and all the others in the 100 Blocks series!

I've got 2 copies of Vol. 9 to giveaway as part of this blog tour. Just leave a comment below to be entered. I will draw for the second copy from all of our "likers" on our facebook page at the close of the giveaway. You can also check out our craftsy shop here.  The giveaway will close at 11:00 pm (CST) Thursday, May 2nd.

Have fun exploring the other blogs on the tour and thanks again for stopping by!




Your block is impressive. It can change so many ways. Thanks for the chance to win.


Thank you so much for the chance to win Vol 9! Your block is very creative! love the way it looks in all the different colorways!

Linda H

LOVE that on point setting ~ might have to give it a try as I've never tried that one before!

Cindy Wienstroer

At first it looked like it was a mirror image but the more I looked the more I saw. thanks for the fun block & ideas. Cind

Doris Cotten Rice

I love all the setting options. Thanks!


A very different look to Crosses in a block. Thanks for the chance with the Giveaway.

Anne Oelke

Wow, so many possibilities.


What a fun block. Love all the options. Thanks!


What a beautiful block, and very versatile. Thanks!

Lauren aka Giddy99

Great block! I especially like the on-point setting!

Cynthia Knapp

Cool block! It's one of those that makes such a different look when put together. Thanks for sharing.

Lauren aka Giddy99

I like you on Facebook!


Love this block! Love it even more on point!

Lori Smanski

congrats, what a wonderfully versatile block. I follow you on FB also

Kelly Wilson

Thanks for showing alternate layouts. I really like the final, on point version even down to the colors! Thanks for the opportunity (now off to check out your facebook page)!
notwendy gmail

Nancy Kozak

I was surprised how differed your block looks on point.

paula dalby

It's always so amazing to me to see how changing even just 1 color will change the look of the quilt. The same is true with turning the blocks for a different setting. Love it. Congrats on getting your block and quilt into the publication. Thank you for hosting the giveaway.


Nice block, Congrats and thanks for the chance to win.

Deborah DeBerry

Love your block. I have trouble with color placement and I do love solids. Thank you.

Margaret Schindler

Love your block and the inspiration to try different settings is great.

Diane Kennedy

Ooh, I like this block pattern. It helps so much to see what the different arrangements can look like to help a person to choose before cutting into your fabric stash. Thanks!

Patricia Heer

Love the versatility of this block!

Debbie St. Germain

Wonderful block and I love seeing how you can take one block and make it into so many wonderful quilt designs. I always get overwhelmed by piecing designs like this, but when I see the one block, it helps to put it in perspective for me.


Mary Jo

What a difference a color change makes! So much possibility with your cute block pattern!

Rosalind Gutierrez

Love the variety of quilt ideas shown for your block.

Sue Halter

Love the solid colors. Nice block, too!

Carrie P.

amazing block which can make some neat looking quilts. thanks for the giveaway.

Quilting Tangent

I like all the different patterns your block can make in a quilt top.

Linda Lee C

Would love to try this with batiks!


Love how the design changes so dramatically when set on point. Thx for chance to win.

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