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March 08, 2013


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I love to sew. I think my only problem is finding the time to do it! thanks for the chance!


and i liked you FB page


Wow...thats amazing that the mirrors the new trend in clothes this year. I really love the Cloud 9 line. I do use navy quite a bit in my quilts...I'm partial to blues of any shade.

Amy @ Sew Incredibly Crazy

I love to quilt and love navy! Crop
Tops- not so much! Thanks for the giveaway!

Heather Braun

I love the color navy! It's one of my favorite and I wear it often. My daughter has some really cute outfits from Gymboree that are Navy, White, and coral. Love it! Thanks for the giveaway! I am a new follower!

Heather Braun

New fan on FB, look forward to check out your blog! Thanks again!

Amy DeCesare

I'm with you, I think, and was surprised about Emerald, and not Navy, being the Pantone color this year. I love the collection you've made up to show off Navy on this post. It makes me look forward to summer even more!


I'm not a big fan of floral fabrics. My local guild is very traditional and almost everyone uses florals with a pale background. It does get a bit overwhelming. i tend toward the bold and very bright, however, at the moment I am working on a very sombre log cabin wall hanging.


Oh, I'm with you - Navy would have been my choice for the year!

Becky Greene

I would be much more likely to wear a peplum top than a crop top - much to the general public's relief :-) Thanks for the great giveaway chance!


I love navy and emerald. Thanks for the giveaway!

Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures

Fun pattern choices! Thnx.

Amy C

I had hoped it would be navy too as I ADORE navy blue and there is so much out there(as you have shown)!! I do love green too though so the emerald has been fun but there really isn't much out there with the shade of emerald they have chosen. Love our patterns and giveaway!!

Ann Phillips Thompson

I like emerald green but always wonder who chooses the "Color of the Year". I guess I'm not much of one to follow the trends! LOL I'm enjoying your blog tho and thanks for the chance to win.

Cindy Smith

In my younger years I wore cropped tops and love them. I love navy but haven't warmed up to green yet.

Julie A.

Love the color navy and love the patterns. Thanks


I used to not like navy so much but here lately I am gravitateing towards it and orange. Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway.

Gail Sabramsky

I love emerald. Yesterday I went for my manicure and the esthetician wanted me to try the new emerald nail polish.

Vicki H

I like the color emerald and all other greens.

Barbara Orozco

I don't wear crop tops because I carry around two years' worth of Christmas cookies on my stomach and hips, and I hardly use navy. I don't like emerald either, so I probably just do what I'm doing, if I have the time to sew.
Thanks for the chance!


I like the navy trend, but I'm with you on the crop tops. I think very few people can pull that look off and I am not one of them.


I do think our eyes tend to draw to the colors that interest us. I seldom use the navy and had not noticed it in the new colors.


I love navy and I'm glad to see it coming back in - a big no-no to crop tops though!!


I am loving the navy---not loving the crop and so-so on the emerald. It isn't my favorite shade of green.


Lovely fabrics shown here today. I love Emerald being the 2013 color. Crop tops...ok for the young.

Margaret  Schindler

Since Blue is my favorite color I really love the new fabrics coming out.

Joyce Mitchell

Green's my favorite color so I like the choice of Emerald. And navy is a great classic neutral. But my chance to wear a crop top of many decades ago. Thanks for the chance to win.

Joyce Mitchell

I'm already liking you on Facebook. Thanks again.


I am not a huge emerald fan, I prefer to work with greens that are less intense.


I'm not a fan of the green color of the year. I use navy in my quilts sometimes but I love wearing the color!


I am in love with the peplums recently too.


I am a FB follower!!


it's funny how the pantone color never actually shows up in fashion, or anywhere


I liked Lara Gunn, Edges. I like uaing blue, especially with brown.

Gloria B

I use navy in my quilts and have done for a long time. One of my first quilts was a navy, burgundy and cream log cabin.
And I wear navy a lot!

Cherie G

I am new to quilting. I love navy blue with a nautical feel to it, paired with a deep orange or red. That I would definitely do! I am excited for emerald, but I haven't seen much of it out! Which makes me kind of sad.

Sara Stetson

I have really been loving all the navy in fabrics lately. I have been trying to snatch them up fast!

Dresden Quilter

Navy is one of my favourite colours. I like it in quilts. Thanks for the giveaway.


Yeah I am all over the blues I use them everywhere! Green to me is ick not something I really like or use, Thanks for the chance at the patterns.

Ginny Bignell

I love navy in a quilt, it helps your quilt pop. Emerald is also a favorite of mine. Love your site and blog.

Ginny B

susan galasso

I have 2 bins of different shades of blue in my stash, but very little true navy. I liked several of the examples you showed, but mostly the ones with the navy as background. Wonderful giveaway - I really enjoy reading new blogs.
Susan in PA


Thank you for the chance. I so love Navy. I actually saw tons of it today with polka dots. I want some MK Navy shoes and bag for mothers day.


I do like Navy and have used it in my quilts before. Not too crazy about Emerald, but I like most greens. Thanks for a great giveaway.

Lori Smanski

I love sewing with blue fabrics when I sew clothes for my son (when he was young) and my nephews and great nephews. Something so calming about that color, yet so alive.


Navy is a pretty cool color - i think a lot of colors go with it well...

nhsarab at yahoo dot com


I love the color emerald but I don't think I would want it for a focal color in a quilt. Navy blue, on the other hand, would be a great starter color. That would be a big NO to the crop top for me!!!

Rebecca T

Ugh on the crop tops - after 2 kids, my days of my belly seeing light are OVER!

I'm more in the navy camp. The emerald isn't my preferred color recently. I actually just made a navy and red duvet cover for my 4 yr old son's room, does that count as a quilt?


Crop tops? Heck no. The Pantone color emerald isn't my interpretation of the color emerald. What I consider emerald is just like the color of the gemstone.

Carla G

Crop tops - NEVER!! I love all the navy - especially the BasicGrey, PB and J for Moda - the chevrons are awesome! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

Carla G

I already like you on facebook! :)

Richard Healey

Thanks for chance to win

Richard and Tanya Quilts


I think you like blue better than emerald :) You certainly have shown us lots of lovely blue photos. Thanks for the great giveaway.


I love navy - I use it alot and pairing it with emerald - oooh lovely! I won't be wearing any crop tops either - actually all my regular tops are already crop tops and my kiddos just LOVE seeing that around that house heh heh.


I like you on facebook!


I just learned how to quilt in October, so I have only made two quilts so far. Both of those quilts have had navy as the primary color! I just love the way that navy looks! Thanks for the great give away!

Lynn Makrin

Navy and Emerald are two of my favorite colors. I love any type of blue really.
Can't wait to try them in your new patterns. Thanks!


Emerald is gorgeous and navy is pretty awesome too.

Sandra Timmons

Emerald is a very pretty color indeed. Navy is a deep color and I always thinks of the QOV quilts. I love the color blue. I just think it is a very cool color and it is nice to see it in different fabrics. Each of your patterns are very unique and any quilter would be proud to have these added to her quilting collection. Thank you for the chance to win.

Pat S

Emerald & navy offset by a light browntone would look lovely in a quilt. I'm picturing an argyle pattern. Now wouldn't that be pretty?!! Thanks sew much for this chance to win your generous giveaway! :-D
back2loghome (at) yahoo (dot) com

Debbie H

I'm not thrilled with Emerald. I like a bright lime green though! Bright colors are my favorite. thannks!


I love navy in quilts. hugs Alessandra

Donna Joy

I like navy in quilts and emerald isn't my favorite shade of green. Green is one of my favorite colors.
Thanks for sharing.

Gaila C

I'm loving some of those fabrics you shared. Gonna have to take a second look. Thanks

Judi Reiss

Just like last year's Orange, I will pass on Emerald green as my color! Both were too hard to live with and I just can't see them in my personal wardrobe. I look ghastly in emerald or olive green and orange makes me look ill. I have made Halloween quilts with orange and might add an emerald green in very small amounts to a quilt for a pop, but other than that, pooh!


I am not a fan of crop tops! I love navy - in quilts as well as in my wardrobe!


I am not big on the pantone color of the year, and I personally don't think they project the color of the year well at all. When it was peach or coral or salmon, whatever, I never saw it anywhere! I don't even like emerald, so I really don't care about pantone.
But I too have noticed the navy in tons of prints lately! I noticed you didn't include Lizzy House's Constellation or Pat Bravo's Carnaby St. It is quite the trendy color, isn't it??!


I love true navy but dont see enough of it in fabric


Emerald is my birthstone, so I like it ; )

Debra Lee

To me that green isn't even emerald!

Lourdes Fay

I am making a navy/black quilt

quiltmom anna

I do like navy so this is a fun trend. I also love emerald green as a color- they are quite dynamic together.
Thanks for the chance to win such nice patterns.
Regards from Alberta,

quiltmom anna

I also follow you on your facebook page and have for awhile now. Thanks for participating in the blog hop.


Crop tops? OHHHHHHHHHH NO! Not for me. And I am fairly positive everyone I know would thank me for not embracing that new trend. I don't think I could even bring myself to wear one of those inside my house. LOL


I havent used navy in any quilts yet but im thinking perhaps I should try this year, I wear alot of navy tho


I am more into orange this year...maybe I am a year behind or ahead:) ha-ha!
The Navy would look good with orange I think:)


I do like to use navy in quilts. One of my first quilts had navy! I like wearing navy as well. I am following you on Facebook.

Nancy Singer

I do use navy in quilts! I'm currently working on a Kaffe Fassett design called Shirt Stripe Boxes - all in blues! -

thank you for the opportunity to enter the drawing


I hated the emerald color when it came out, it reminded me of hospital walls, but since them I've seen it in 2 gorgeous quilts and now like it!!


I won't be sporting the new crop top either. Thanks for the chuckle. Thanks for participating in the Quilters' Blog Hop Party.


I "liked" you on FB too.


I like the navy that has been showing up in clothes and fabric collections. Thanks for the giveaway.

Crystal mills

I love emerald and deep red. Thank you for offering such a generous prize.

Crystal mills

I liked you on Facebook


I Love the Scoop Neck from the Old Navy Spring 2013. Thanks for giveaway!

gail Olney

Crop tops, again? Yuck. I love the blue eyelet on the Peblum top. But that hape is too fitted for fat old me. The emerald color is not really emerald. The should have called it something else. Real emerald is clear, not muddy.

gail Olney

I am following on facebook.

Marcia K

I wear a lot of Navy, but it is funny, I don't use it in my decorating or in my quilting.


Hi, thanks for being part of the hop and I hope you are having fun with it also. I love to sew but sometimes I just don't get the time.

Cheryl B

I'm a big fan of anything blue and use it liberally in my quilts and wardrobe. I'm excited with emerald as the color of the year because I like it with navy and white.


I love emerald and it is my birth stone. I think I might try to make a quilt this year using emeralds, maybe an Irish Chain? Thank you for the nice giveaway.

Erin @ Sew at Home Mummy

I just actually finished a Pantone Color of the Year quilting challenge! I 'pixelated' my very first sewing machine :)

Bonnie Larson

I love Navy as a neutral. Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity on a great draw.

Karrie Smith

I really like Navy in my quilts, especially on the binding or borders. Thanks for the chance to win ;)

Karrie Smith

I liked you on facebook-karrie smith

Jodi R

I love Navy, I will not be wearing crop tops or putting them on my daughter, I hope hubby doesn't want one either ;)
I like Emerald just fine but I don't think you can have a colour of the year really - it would have to be a colour combination but even then there are to many beautiful choices why not love them all.


Nope...don't care for those tops. I probably don't use a lot of navy in my quilting and tend to opt for the lighter colors.


Love that fabric :)

Kathy Gentry

I do like navy in quilting although I haven't used a lot of it. I tend to use darker colors, so I am trying to pull myself into the brighter stuff, and I'm enjoying that as well.


I have not used navy to quilt with yet... but will give it a try!

Brandy Lynn

Great pattern giveaway! I never use navy - not sure why because I love it! I was surprised about the emerald pantone pick - but love that colour too. I love to challenge myself with the colours I love least and then end up falling in love with them so there are very few colours I don't like anymore.

Be sure to check out my blog hop giveaway too at www.brandylynndesigns.blogspot.com


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