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May 01, 2012


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Maria Kievit

I like the first layout the best of the bingo block. Thanks for giving away this book.


I, too, like the first layout best. It's a great block!

Carol in E TN

Very interesting layouts. Thanks for the giveaway.


Thanks for sharing this block. I am a real scrappy quilter, so this appeals to me! A very strong possibility for me to create.
Wishing you continued success

Lisa Marie

It's so interesting how many different looks you can get from this one block! My favorite layout is the first one, but the fourth one really intrigues me too. Congrats on being in this great magazine!


Such a versatile block. I love all the settings, don't think I could easily choose just one.


It is a great block! Love especially the fourth layout, but all are special!


That is a great block, and I sure do love the fabric you chose for the sample!


I've just started to use patterns, they never seemed to make any sense to me, but I also think they are a great way to learn different techniques. So, do you like the Duke's, I've been thinking about trying it. Thanks.


I like the one with the black criss crossing best! When I travel in a camper to visit grandkids (& sons/DILs) I take my featherweight with me so I can keep up with my quilting. I usually end up doing some sewing for my family. This trip, I started making some super hero capes for my grandson's 4th birthday which will be on May 22. On the next stop (another son) I will be shortening his work pants - scrubs - as he will be graduating from nursing school on Sunday and will be starting a job at a hospital after that! Sewing comes in so handy and I love it!


I like the look of your block. I just finished a queen sized quilt, and put the binding and label on last night. It feels so good to have this done. Now on to start the next project, and hopefully finish up one or two that have been started.

Donna Rowe

Love the block - especially the bright colors you chose for your block. I am currently making a 110x110" quilt for my son's new bed. It is in chocolates, rusts, yellows, black, and creams with a bit of gold thrown in. This block would make a great accent pillow for his bed! Thanks for sharing.

Sandra Visser

Your block is very versatile. I think I like the second to last layout the most though.

Michelle Harrison

What a great block idea! If one pays attention to value, one can use up a lot of scraps beautifully! Our family uses Dukes mayonnaise. We used to walk on the beach but now we walk in the mountains, especially fall which is my favorite season.


I'm brand new to quilting. I am working on a king sized quilt for my mother in law at the moment. Sampler quilt with a giant patchwork Texas in the middle.

Janet F

I like your block..lots of options! I'm working on a king One Block Wonder right now. Thanks for the chance to win!

Shirley V

I really like the dark coloured version of the Bingo block. Very nice. I am just starting to quilt, and am enjoying this tour. I am working on a combination pieced and appliqued lap quilt, and am really enjoying it. (I have a few other projects on the go at the same time - who can have just one, right?)


I really like the one that looks like a rail fence split by an Irish Chain.. Very neat block!!

Julie A.

What a great block!!! Thanks for the giveaway.


I love the irish chain, and believe I will be doing this out of Cherrywood - yumm


I really love your block - congrats! the first layout would be the one I like the most. my first block ever was a log cabin and I still love making them. thanks!

Linda Duncan

Fun block! I'm getting ready for a quilting retreat weekend and am suffering from quilting adhd! I can't stay focused and want to do every project I see, like this one!

Carol F.

Currently I am working on several quilts...
The one I hope to complete soon is an upcycled denim quilt embellished with paint and embroidery.

Carol Patterson

I like the first layout best. I enjoy making scrap quilts and just finished one top and working on another as my beginners and enders.


What a fun quilt design. I like the first pattern showing just the block best. The biggest change that I think I have seen in quilting since I started to quilt (late 80's) is the Internet. It has allowed quilters around the world to share their talents and knowledge.

Angela N.

I like the 2nd one best! I think your block is my most favorite so far. Right now im working on peicing and completing the top and bottom for some charity quilts that the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild did. They are for 2 very small kids who lost their mom to cancer over the holidays. We are working like crazy to have them to them for mothers day.

Becky Greene

Bingo is one of my faborite blocks so far! I love the way you showcased all the different possibilities locked inside this treasure! I can see the block done ombre-style, too, with different shades of the same color. Congratulations on being included in 100 Blocks!

Joyce Carter

I like the layout with the dark colors the best. I am currently working on a Sunbonnet Sue applique quilt plus a quilt for both of my grandsons.It seems like I have more projects than I have time to do them in and my list just keeps getting longer. Congratulations and thanks for the giveaway.

Mary W

Love the name of your block. Mom was a bingo player. Love the different layouts for it. Thank you for sharing.


YOur block is very unique. I like that.

Donna Smith

I just love the block, and that first layout is my favorite! Congratulations on being in 100 Blocks.

Cathy B

Congratulations! I love your quilt block and am enjoying my first blog tour. I am about to start a Dear Jane quilt using Moda Friendship fabrics. I just don't want to cut into the fabrics yet, just need to look at them and drool some more. thank you!


My first quilt was an online see along for a mini quilt. Great way to start.


Great block. I'm working on a series of doll quilts for a friend's granddaughters.

Lee Ann L.

This is an awesome block! It looks easy to make too. Thank you for showcasing the block in various designs!


I love your block & all the versatile layouts - gonna be one I make for sure when I get (win, I hope!) Vol 5. I'm on a tablerunner kick right now so I'd use your block for that for sure!

Carrie P.

it is really fascinating what different looks you can get from that block.
I am currently working an applique quilt.


Love seeing all the different layouts for your block! I like the first one best--love all the different paths created through it. Thanks for the chance to win!


Great block - especially in the bright colours!
At the moment I'm making a charity quilt for 'Siblings Together'

Sandra Timmons

BINGO - Some lucky quilter will definitely win such an amazing and creative magazine. The layout with the bingo being black is very striking quilt indeed. Since I started quilting I have seen a lot of changes. There is traditional, applique, paper piecing to name a few. You are always learning and that is a good thing. There are always free quilt patterns and tutorials to help you learn and create quilts. Thank you for participaing and letting your bingo card pick a winner.

Sandi T.

Mimi Colwell

I like the first block. The whites create so much movement.

Sharon Spingler

Love the first quilt!


I wasn't too excited about your block until I saw the first quilt mock up. Now I love it! Thanks for sharing the different layouts; gives me a whole new appreciation for the Bingo block.

Lori S

Thanks for sharing all the layouts. It really is cool to see how much it changes. Thanks for the chance to win!


I love your block. It's amazing how it could be used to make so many different quilts. Really gets the creative juices flowing.

Debbie St. Germain

I really love your block, exactly what I have been looking for. I love the irish chain look and the simple blocks, but could't wrap my head around how it is done, this would be perfect.


kathy h

Great block. I love the first layout the best but they are all great and I love a block that makes secondary patterns. Congratulations on being in the magazine. Very exciting.
My first quilts were made with gigantic blocks, I never thought I would be working with little pieces of fabric.

Karen E

I love your block. This would be great to use up all those scrappy strips I don't know what to do with.

Kathleen Till

I love the first one especially those bright colors.


great block with interesting layouts. just love creative people. already liked you on facebook and am looking forward to more interaction there.


Fantastic block design and congratulations! Thanks for showing all those design options!! I'm working on a jean/denim quilt. I've been saving my two son's jeans for awhile and have enough to make quilts for each of them! This is the first time making a jean/ denim quilt and I love how it's turning out! Thanks for the chance to win!


I like the first layout of your block the best, but I like that the block is so versatile! Thanks for the giveaway!


I love your block. It's so versatile!!

Carol Sc

I really enjoy the many different ways you've set your simple block --- though, I must admit, a couple of them made me cross-eyed! I think this would be a great block to teach beginners and show them how much can be accomplished with relatively simple sewing.

Billie K

Hmmmmm.....a comment about anything I like....I LIKE chocolate...grin.

Jennifer Schifano Thomas

Hello! Great to meet you - I love all the different settings for your block. It is so versatile. Don't enter me in the giveaway, I'm on the tour, too. I'm just visiting! But if you want to know, I'm with the above comment - I like chocolate, too. :) Have a super day!

Stephanie Matz

Well, chocolate, sunny days, interesting quilts, and your block! It looks great for my growing stash of scraps! Thanks for sharing.


I like the first and fourth versions. This is a versatile block. I'm playing BINGO in the May for ME series so like the name too!

Nancy M.

I like to work with blocks like yours that are so versatile. They allow me to get into a routine when cutting, sewing and piecing, yet create quilts that all look different. Thank you for your post.


I am amazed how your simple block forms such wonderful patterns in a large quilt. Great job, Jessie! Congratulations and thank you for a hosting a great giveaway! :)


Chocolate Chocolate - liked your page on FB as Marcia and Margaret - look for our comment.

Amanda E

I love the bright colors with the crosshatching appearance!


I like any block that can go scrappy, and this one sure fits the bill!

Diann Cornell

The biggest change since I first started quilting is rotary cutting. What a difference!


Wow, your block is amazing!! I won some fabric earlier this year, and it would look great using your quilt block. I started sewing about two years ago, and made several things for my new baby niece. Since then I have taken up quilting as well. The first quilt I completed 100% on my own was for my husband. His family is from England, and I had a blast finding UK themed fabrics!! Been hooked ever since :)


There are so many possibilities with your bingo crazy block design. Congratulations on making it into the 100 Blocks. They are all beautiful designs and I'd love to win.

Maria do Carmo Pezzuto

MENINA seu bloco é o máximo,parabéns.Eu só trabalho com sucatas então...Um beijo e obrigada.tiacarminhapezzuto@gmail.com


Love the block! Right now I'm working on two different mystery quilts for my guilds.


I'm working on a sewing machine cover right now. I'm in between quilts.


For my first quilt I had this teeny tiny cutting mat. It was about 12"x18". I have NO IDEA how I cut on it. I remember using a piece of cardboard as a template because I didn't have a good clear ruler. It has little blocks that were cross stitched animals. I didn't even know any better and quilted a heart shaped feather design as the pattern book described. Even with unmatched seams...it came out beautiful and proudly hangs on the wall in my sewing room - now nearly 17 years later.

Kaye M.

I love your Bingo block! I think its a great way to use up scraps and scrap quilts are my favorite. No matter how many scrap quilts I make and I still have lots more left over! I like the first quilt setting that you showed us best.


Wow, that is such a versatile block. I think I like the last configuration the best. Congratulations!


This is one of those fantastic blocks that is limited only by one's imagination! Scrappy or planned, umpteen million possible layouts, masculine or feminine depending on the colorway, easy to enlarge or diminish the size of completed project, etc... I'm loving all the innovative new tools and techniques that have revolutionized quilting in the last 20 or so years. There's always something new and exciting to try *Ü*

Jenelle JB

I'm always working on 'several' somethings. LOL.. Just got a longarm and learning how to use it.

Darlene Slocum

A nice quilt to use up the many scraps accumulated.

Laurie P

I like the block. The different colorways and designs you can make from the block are wonderful. Congrats on being chosen for a block.

Kris S

I like the design with the black accent blocks.


I love the top one, great design for a simple block. Looks like rail fence with a chain. Really cool.


Great block, lots of options. Thanks for the chance.


I like the fourth layout the best. WHat a great block that has so many options for finishing into a quilt. Congratulations on being published! Jane

Jeanne Bishop

This is my favorite block so far. I love the scrappiness of it.

Jennifer Padden

Currently working on a large applique quilt for my bed. I hop to enter it in the guild show in September. I like your block for the versatility I can see. Thanks for sharing.

Becky in Georgia

My favorite mayonaise is Blue Plate mayo:) Currently, I am making bind for two quilts that have just returned from the long arm quilter. I have a stack of quilting book from the public library to study for inspiration. Love your block! I made a neutral quilt with a similar design. The third layout is my favorite. Congratulations on having your block in Vol. 5!


I like the first layout best, would be awesome as a scrappy.
thanks for the chance to win.

Julie in WA

Great Block-Great Name! I am working on a black and white quilt for a high school graduate. I am still in the piecing stage and it must be done by May 23! This awesome bloghop is keeping me from the task!

Lynda Z

I want to try this one. All I need is time and patience!

Donna Amos

I love the versatility of this block. There are several of your layouts that I really like. I get excited to find a pattern that can be used in so many ways. Thanks for the giveaway.


Very cool block. When I learned to quilt we used scissors, templates, and paper patterns. What a breakthrough when the Rotary cutters came on the scene. They have forever changed quilting.


Very interesting! I love your bright, cheerful colors. Congratulations!

Joyce Mitchell

Love your great versatile block. Thanks for sharing different layouts. I'm working on some charity quilts for my quilting group. And I have a stack of tops that need to be finished. Thanks for the chance to win.

Angie SoCal

Love the block and absolutely love the fabric you used.

Judith Reynolds

This is what a bingo block looks like. Great block to use in different ways. I am working on a UFO and am ready to finish it off. 2-years in the making. Congrats to your publish block. Judith, Texas

Juanita Ross

I Love the numerous designs that this block provides! A Stash Buster Bingo!


I like your block. Lots of possibilities for the block layout.

Sheryl  W.

Cool block! In 27 years of quilting of course I've seen many changes, but I think the biggest one is the fabric--endless variety and high prices!

Rachell R

So colorful and rainbow like. I like the first layout and diagonal lines, and the fourth because it looks looks like a tall ladder with wavy steps ( thanks to my firefighter hubbie on my mind).
Speaking of firefighting, I made two wall hanging quilts of QM's To The Rescue, fire trucks and ambulances, from the Sept 2009 issue. I'm almost ready to machine quilt them. I'm in the middle of machine quilting my Brown Zbesr wall hanging for my son's teacher. And working on piecing blocks for my patriotic sampler. That enough WIP for you? :-)

Kay Ahr

Speaking of mayo -- make this block with shades of yellow with some red thrown it. It would be deviled eggs with paprika!

Diane Wagner

I like your block. This would be a good one for using leftover scrap strips. The pattern created is very versatile. Good job!


I love the idea of your block and think it looks neat in the sample with the black squares. I'm currently participating in a few qal's and also making a Quilt of Valor for my brother, a Viet Nam veteran.


love your block. i love any rainbow quilt. i like the movement in your block. looks easy to piece too!!

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