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September 18, 2011


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Amy Johnson

Love all of these patterns! I would do the Block hop first for sure! Liked you on FaceBook and favorited you on Etsy as well!! Thank you! Thank you!!

Amy Kaufman

I love the twist!! wolf0129@comcast.net

Amy Kaufman

I liked you on FB!!!


I'd love to try the Block Hop first! Those are such cute patterns you have!

Lianne Dawson

I love the twist square step they look great have just the perfect fabric for both

pat upton

I would make Block Hop first. But they are all faboo! I liked you on facebook!


I would make the Twist first. Thanks for the giveaway!


I'd make block hop first - I've been searching for a pattern for my first quilt, and it looks beautiful, as well as not hugely-intimidating. (I've also liked your Facebook page.)


I love the Square Step! Thanks for the chance to win the pattern!


I would make the twist, but all of them are great! Liz dot erlenbach at gmail dot com


love them all but shuffle block would be my first!


i'd make block hop- i love the use of bright solids

mary mac

I like the square step, but all are so much fun


I think the square step is my favourite!


I love them all, but I think I would start with square step.

Carla G

I would do the twist first! What a bunch of great new patterns! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

Carla G

I like you on facebook! :)


Shuffle Block, but I think I would have to have head down and sewing machine going, because I would have to do more than one :)


I liked you on FB and I have tweeted you also, I really love the "Block Hop"


I do like the Block Hop first. It's got strong colors and it's really pretty and I love to make them. I hope I'll win! I really do love your giveaway!!

Lisa Garrett

Shuffle Block!

Lisa Garrett

Liked on FB: Lisa Holmes Garrett

Lisa Garrett

Tweeted: https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/lag32583/status/115757587101782016


How lovely - all of them. I'd love to make block hop.


I love the Block hop and would do that one first! These are so precious!


LIked on FB: Jenny Moore Scott

Marcia K

I love them ALL, but would make Block Hop first as my neighbor just asked me to teach her to quilt so that she could make something for her Nephew to be. She is going to be an Auntie, and is so excited. Me, well I'm excited to finally have a quilting buddie... it helps that it is my best friend :)

Karen Norris

I love the Block Hop!


The Twist looks like a fun one!

Denny1600 at gmail dot com


I would make the Block Hop first. My grandson would love it. I liked you on facebook! Thanks for the giveaway!!!!!

Julie B.

I would make block hop first.


Square step ,perfect for scappy fabric. Children will love it!


Would love to increase my knowledge of the subject.


I would make block hop first but they are all very cute.

Judith. (Crete)

Think it would have to be square step first.


Oooh...I love the block hop pattern and think this would have to be made first!


I really like the Shuffle Block. The Twist comes in at a close second!

DeeAnn S

As a newby to quilting, I'd like to try making Square Step. Thanks.

Jane S.

I'd start with Block Hop and work my way through all of them! Really cute designs.


I think I would have to start with the Twist and then the Block Hop.

Julie W

I, too, like all of them, but I think the Twist is my favorite!

Julie W

I liked you on FB: Julie Witt

Julie W

I liked you on Twitter: @jwitt33

Kristin Wu

I love the shuffle block. I would love the pattern.

Newbie Quilter

I love The Twist - it would have to be my favorite and one that I would make first! Thanks!


Hmmmm.... they are all so pretty, the fabric colours work for all these quilts. I think that I would make Shuffle Block first.

Leslie Schmidt

These look like fun! I think the first one I would do is the Square Step pattern. I like how interesting it could be with different color choices. Thanks for the chance!

Mandi Coulter

shuffle block!


They're all great looking quilts! I'd say my favorite is the Twist. Thanks for the chance. jessicalm101(at)gmail(dot)com


My favorite is Square Step

Kim R.

I would love to make the The Twist first!
Thanks :)

Kim R.

I like you on Facebook - Thanks!

Kim R.

I am following on twitter (kimbreid) - Thanks!

Donna Rae

OH the Twist for sure. Awesome,


It's a toss-up between Square Step and Shuffle Block. I like them both!


I am teaching a friend how to quilt and have been looking for a pattern we could use jelly rolls with...I've never used them before and thought teaching her would be a good reason to start. I love both of your Block Hop and Shuffle Block patterns! It is hard to chose but, if you are going to make me, I guess I'll go with Shuffle Block. : ) Thanks for the chance!


Block hop - twice so it would fit my king sized bed!


All the patterns look wonderful! BUT...if I get to pick just one, I think I'd like to create BLOCK HOP. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

Emily C.

I love the twist, it reminds me of pinwheels.


Those are all great looking patterns. I think I would start with The Twist pattern first. Love that one.


They all look like a lot of fun! I think I would have to try Block Hop first.


I also LIKED you on Facebook :)


I love square step and block hop! Thanks for the chance!

Elizabeth McDonald

I want to make the Block Hop first -- lots of energy in this pattern!

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